If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV than there’s no doubt that you would have seen people being portrayed working in forensic pathology.

The stereotypical forensic pathologist is often a quirky character who spends their time in the lab examining bodies in order to help the criminal investigator or forensic scientists solve the case.

But what is forensic pathology? Is the job done much the same as that seen on TV or has it been glamorized beyond the sort of jobs you can expect to be doing if you work in forensic pathology?

Forensic Pathology Defined

A pathologist is a medical doctor who has completed post graduate studies in anatomical pathology.

From there they can then choose to specialize further and work in sub-fields that include forensic pathology along with cytopathology and surgical pathology.

But what exactly is pathology and how is it practiced in forensics?

Well pathology is basically the study of the human body and in particular damage done to the human body by anything ranging from disease and illness through to accident and injury.

The goal is to understand how the tissues and cells of the body react to these issues in both their deterioration and their repair

So forensic pathology looks at these issues from a legal standpoint.

For example. let’s say a human body is discovered dead.

A forensic pathology will use their skills and training to analyze the body in order to help determine a couple of key things:

  • Who the person is, and…
  • How that person died.

They may also be called upon to provide evidence about their findings in court where required, if the cause of death is found to be homicide, and someone has been accused of being the cause of that death.

Forensic Pathology Careers

As mentioned above, if you want to work in forensic pathology then you’ve got a great deal of study and training ahead of you.

The first step is to get the necessary education and certification to become a medical doctor.

From there you’ll need to undertake some more study with a focus on pathology, and in particular forensic pathology.

But if you’re willing to put in the hard work, then you’ll be rewarded with a career that pays well and can provide you with a great deal of variety.

Because you’re a qualified medical professional, you can expect to earn a salary that is well above average.

And the career prospects for anyone looking to pursue a career in forensic pathology are expected to be good.

While jobs as a forensic psychologist aren’t necessarily amongst the fastest growing jobs in today’s society, they’re always going to remain steady up to the point where the crime rates have been dramatically reduced and there is less demand for the services of a forensic pathologist.

So if you’re interested in a career in forensic pathology, and you think you’ve got the talent and drive required to complete the necessary study and training, then you’re definitely going to find yourself employed in an interesting job.


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