Throughout much of our modern history there has been a fascination with crime, both in the psychology of those who commit the crimes as well as in the methods they use.

This fascination means that the various forensic jobs also see a pretty strong interest from school leavers and college graduates.

And with such a wide variety of forensic jobs available there is pretty much something for everyone who wants to enter a career in forensics in one way or another.

Some Examples Of Forensic Jobs Available

Forensic Psychologist/Psychiatrist

The job of the forensic psychologist is definitely one that many people find interesting – especially if they’re the sort of person that has a general interest in human behaviors and motivations.

While most of the work of the forensic psychologist is in a legal environment, there are also other roles that can include profiling type jobs as well as counseling of victims and perpetrators of crimes.

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Forensic Scientist

These days a forensic scientist tends to be better known by the term Crime Scene Investigator.

The job of the forensic scientist is to gather evidence at a crime scene and apply various scientific techniques to use that evidence to make assessments about what might have happened and who might have been involved.

And while the depiction of this job in popular culture is often times exaggerated, they definitely play a crucial role in solving crimes and identifying and convicting criminals.

The forensic scientist will pull from other forensic specialties like the ones listed below to help in this process.

Forensic Anthropologist

A forensic anthropologist uses their skills in physical anthropology to help recover bodies that are in various states of decomposition.

They will also work with other professionals such as pathologists and odontologists to help make assessments about such things as cause of death, length of time deceased, age, sex, identifying marks and so on.

Forensic Pathologist

Generally speaking there are two key roles played by the forensic pathologist.

The first is to identify the cause of death, and the second is to help in the confirmation of the identify of the body.

They will do this with the use of autopsies as well as post-mortem examination of the corpse.

Forensic Dentist

This field is also known by the name forensic odontology. As might be expected, the job of the forensic dentist is to use the teeth of a corpse to help identify who they are based on their age and dental records.

Another less common role will be the analysis of teeth marks left on a body (alive or dead) or left on some other object (generally food) at the scene of a crime.

Other Jobs In Forensics

Some of the other jobs in forensic include: forensic accounting, forensic photography, computer forensics, forensic chemistry and forensic toxicology.


So as you can see there are many different forensic jobs you can choose from if this is an industry you’d like to work in.

Most of them require a fair amount of study and/or training but the careers are interesting and the pay is generally above average.


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